A weekly, one-hour newsmagazine on North Carolina, Carolina Journal Radio is hosted by Donna Martinez and Mitch Kokai and features a diverse mix of guests and topics. Education reform, tax policy, the state legislature, affirmative action, air pollution, freedom of the press and the courts – these are just a few of the subjects that Carolina Journal Radio has tackled since the program began production in 2003.

  • Daily Journal

    North Carolina’s Dwindling Obamacare Options

    RALEIGH — The irony of Obamacare is that its health insurance exchanges are suffering from a problem that was supposed to be avoided – what health economists call adverse selection.  When health insurance plans must cover people with pre-existing conditions and they are not allowed to charge premiums that reflect …

  • CJ Exclusives

    Judges, Academics Tackle Redistricting Reform

    DURHAM — North Carolina’s constantly shifting population and demographics, and the sour taste both Democrats and Republicans have experienced as a minority party with no meaningful role in the legislative redistricting process, could offer strong incentives to transform redistricting to a nonpartisan, independent commission model, a group of academics, analysts, …

  • Quick Takes

    Bills Would End I-77 HOT Lanes Project

    Two bills have been filed — one by a Democrat, the other by Republicans — that would terminate the Interstate 77 toll agreement in Mecklenburg and Iredell counties. Mecklenburg County Democratic Rep. Tricia Cotham, who is a candidate for the 12th Congressional District, filed one of the bills. The Republican …

  • Radio

    N.C.’s strict licensing laws prompt legislative review

    From Carolina Journal Radio Program No. 675: Some legislators want to take a closer look at North Carolina’s occupational licensing rules. Sen. Andy Wells, R-Catawba, discusses his work to identify problems in the current licensing structure and to come up with solutions.

  • Radio

    Solar panel disposal raises red flags for regulators

    From Carolina Journal Radio Program No. 675: North Carolina has become one of the top states for the solar industry, but a top environmental regulator warns that little has been done to prepare North Carolina for the eventual disposal of used solar panels. You’ll hear concerns from Tom …